There are many companies that provide solutions for monitoring laboratory equipment and ambient parameters, but understanding the difference between such offerings can be difficult to do.

In this video, we explain how XiltriX differentiates from competitors by providing Lab Monitoring-as-a-Service, an added value over other solutions available on the market.
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Transcript of Lab Monitoring Video:

There are many products on the market today described as “laboratory monitoring systems”, but the term is confusing because it can mean very different things--from cheap digital sensors, to expensive systems that are difficult to administer and use.


A life science company’s valuable investments and revenue potential reside in the lab--researchers, expensive equipment and precious samples.


Implementing a robust lab monitoring solution ensures everything is running properly, improves standard operating procedures, reduces compliance costs and prevents catastrophic failures


Deciding which solution is right for your organization is not easy--implementing and managing a monitoring system is also challenging. Organizations often focus on technical features or cost when choosing a solution, only for it to be abandoned by end users due to a poorly executed implementation, lack of ongoing support, or complex user interface.


XiltriX is the first and only company to offer Monitoring as a Service-- an added value over current solutions. XiltriX implements, manages and maintains a robust monitoring system with no disruption or downtime--covering all necessary updates and upgrades, repairs, or replacements.


The XiltriX Safety Net Team actively monitors and interprets all alarms or deviations from preset parameters, ensures the system functions optimally and protects your science 24/7.


The secure, cloud-based software provides predictive analysis on equipment, generates automated reports for internal and external quality standards and supports regulatory compliance. The ease-of-use interface means you can access all of your data easily, at any time, from any device.


XiltriX protects your science and helps you sleep at night.


To learn more about how to select a lab monitoring solution best suited for your lab's needs, read our white paper, Five Critical Questions to Ask When Implementing a Laboratory Monitoring Solution:

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