Video: Hear from Xander, a Laboratory Professional with a background in biotech and pharma research, why he decided to make the switch from tedious manual logging to continuous 24/7 real-time monitoring. Manual, paper-based reporting is hard to manage and provides no control over monitoring your lab equipment.

The Benefits of Saying Goodbye to Manual Record-keeping

In this video, explore the effects of using paper-based reporting and discover solutions that will provide complete control over your refrigerators, freezers, incubators, cryotanks, and more.

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Meet Xander…

Xander is a Laboratory Professional with a background in biotech and pharmaceutical research.

Working in the lab at a biotech research organization, Xander’s day-to-day is hectic because he must constantly check, monitor and report if equipment is functioning in the lab. He has almost no control over monitoring his lab equipment. Everything is manual, or paper-based, and is hard to manage. Xander does routine checks on the many -80 freezers in the lab only to find that one has failed and destroyed all the valuable samples inside. Xander thinks "if only I had something could have prevented this...."

In addition to the manual, or paper-based tasks, Xander has scientists and technicians complaining about a lot of false alarms going on with the laboratory’s few, disparate data loggers they use for monitoring equipment. These data loggers do not provide data in real-time, cannot be centrally managed, and don’t cover important areas that are concerning to Xander, such as monitoring the lab’s backup generator, vivarium and many other areas. Xander also has weekly meetings with his colleagues from the IT department to review reports but they’re difficult to understand and it’s hard to determine anything beneficial from these reports with respect to laboratory operations or data outputs. Xander hears from some colleagues that there might be solutions that can do everything he needs, so he begins his search…

Xander has vetted several lab monitoring solutions and decides to go with XiltriX; the only solution that provides real-time monitoring and predictive analytics to flag imminent failures before they happen, and notifies appropriate personnel to address them proactively, preventing a potential loss of time, money and valuable assets. XiltriX also allows Xander to prove quality and regulatory compliance by having the proper documentation generated through automated reports.

Xander is pleased that XiltriX provides a safety net for valuable assets and equipment. He also enjoys that the XiltriX SafetyNet team provides third-party monitoring services and support, 24/7, to keep a watchful eye on his operations when no one else is around at the multiple laboratory facilities. XiltriX provides the cloud-based, real-time monitoring platform for life science laboratory equipment and facilities that Xander has been looking for all this time. It protects his science and helps him sleep at night…

The system controls and reads data from a variety of sensors and Xander can monitor and access it all of it from his mobile phone. These sensors include temperature, humidity, differential pressures, particle counting and VOCs, as well as many others.

So, if you're like Xander and your laboratory needs include...

· Monitoring of disparate equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, incubators, or cryotanks

· Strict regulatory environments to prove compliance to government or regulatory agencies through various reporting procedures

· Quality control and quality assurance

· Visibility and oversight across multiple locations for multiple devices/equipment

· Real-time notifications, automated reporting, and proper predictive analytics

Then XiltriX is the obvious choice.

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