Brightly Lit LaboratoryIn state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical research and development facilities there can be many difficulties faced when managing maintenance contracts with third-party service vendors.

How to Simplify Your Lab Equipment Management

Determining the proper vendor, ensuring all quality and compliance regulations are met for internal and external audits, as well as minimizing the amount of downtime during a service event, are a few of the main concerns for facility and operations teams, as well as quality and compliance.

Growing pharmaceutical companies that may have recently received funding and established enterprise companies both experience similar difficulties with processes for managing maintenance contracts on the extensive variety of lab equipment within their facilities. With increases in financial resources and the need to remain competitive and innovative, organizations often decide to implement additional equipment at their facility, as well as streamline service maintenance management processes in order to maximize efficiencies and ensure standard operating procedures are aligned. In the event that equipment maintenance and management processes are not up to speed due to manual, paper-based procedures for managing maintenance contracts with third-party vendors and costing facility and operations teams time and money, organizations must determine better solutions. 

Ensuring that all equipment is installed, maintained and calibrated within proper ranges and manufacturer specifications to prove compliance can be a difficult task. Manually administering and tracking myriad maintenance programs is time consuming and occupies too many valuable resources. Facility and operations managers at pharmaceutical companies need to constantly monitor conditions for new and existing life science equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, incubators, cryogenic storage tanks, backup generators and many others. They also need methods to digitally manage maintenance contracts with various vendors for all types of equipment.

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XiltriX Real-Time Lab Monitoring Streamlines Processes

In order to ensure the future success of managing maintenance contracts for life science assets and equipment, opting to implement a laboratory asset and equipment monitoring solution, as well as laboratory asset management helps save time and lower costs.

XiltriX provides real-time, autonomous monitoring for a wide range of lab assets and equipment. The XiltriX system’s modular architecture allows for easy scalability at any size facility as they add and manage new and existing equipment for important pharmaceutical research and development. XiltriX Monitoring-as-a-Service model protects life science equipment and covers both hardware and software implementation for real-time monitoring, as well as a 24/7, Safety Net services team to address any issues or deviations when no one else is around.

Integrating a lab monitoring solution like XiltriX with a robust asset management system enables users to approach asset management through an innovative, comprehensive platform. The ease-of-use solutions streamline all areas of lab monitoring and asset management, and works seamlessly to provide the proper installation, calibration and maintenance reports for all assets and equipment.


Integration Benefits with XiltriX Lab Monitoring and Lab Asset Management

With the proper lab monitoring and asset management solutions in place, facility and operations managers are better able to work with installation, calibration and maintenance vendors to create, schedule and upload service information for all of their equipment. The XiltriX lab monitoring solution pulses information from data outputs on all equipment, every five seconds. This information is delivered in real-time to report on any deviations or failures for each device. The data from equipment can be made accessible to vendors when necessary to perform the proper services to equipment. This provides peace of mind that all scientific assets are functioning properly and are being serviced to save on costs and mitigate potential downtime if equipment deviates from established specifications.

In the event that equipment needs to be serviced, third party vendors are provided more accurate information to identify and schedule a service event for the appropriate equipment when necessary--indicated by the XiltriX solution’s real-time monitoring--and when the service event is complete, this information is available for internal and external quality and compliance reporting. The real-time access of lab asset and equipment information through XiltriX and integration with lab asset management solutions to provide facility and operations teams with a more streamlined and cost-effective way to monitor the myriad equipment at life science facilities allows easy access to service event history and calibration reports.

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